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A floating village on the northern compasses of the Tonle Sap, Mechrey isn’t the loveliest spot on the planet, however it offers some incredible bird-spotting openings, and an opportunity to witness a remarkable lifestyle for the individuals who live on the lake. Obviously,...
kampong khleang

Kampong Khleang

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Kampong Khleang is situated about 55 km east of Siem Reap on the northern lake bordering area of Tonle Sap lake. It is further and have less tourists compared to Kampong Phluk. A visit to Kampong Khleang during the dry season are always amazed by the forest from the combination...
chong kneas

Chong Kneas

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Chong Kneas is the floating village at the edge of the lake nearest and most available to Siem Reap. In the event that you need a generally fast and simple take a gander at the Tonle Sap, boat voyages through Chong Khneas are accessible, leaving from the Chong Khneas boat docks...
kampong phluk

Kampong Phluk

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Kampong Phluk a small village was built mainly on the stilts of Tonle Sap Lake, making it unique and absolutely a sight to see. The name Kampong Phluk means “Harbor of the Tusks”. The economy is highly based on shrimp harvesting. The village is fantastic and the mangrove forest...
West Baray

West Baray and West Mebon

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Baray means water reservoir built by ancient Khmer people. West Baray is the largest man-made water reservoir during ancient Khmer civilization. It is the most stunning water reservoir for tourist who wish to visit Cambodia for nature and water related tourism. West Baray is an...
Srah Srang

Srah Srang

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Srah Srang is a 900 year old water reservoir or Baray in Khmer language. It is located opposite of Banteay Kdei’s east entrance. It never dries up even if in dry season. That is the reason it is the breathtaking sunset landmark. Its name mean “Royal Bath”. Nowadays,...
Takeo Temple

Takeo Temple

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Takeo temple is a 5 tier pyramid shape temple made from huge block of sandstone. It is located in the small circuit by the road passed through Victory Gate ahead to Ta Prohm. It was the first temple constructed by all sandstone. It has less carving and bas-relief, that why some...
Prasat Suor Prat

Prasat Suor Prat

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Prasat Suor Prat is a twelve identical laterite and sand stone tower series located just parallel to and opposite of the Terrace of the Elephants. There is a road to Victory Gate stand between of its six towers. It was built during the reign of King Indravarman II in early of...
Ta Nei Temple

Ta Nei Temple

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Ta Nei Temple is located at the north of Takeo temple. It was built in the reign of King Jayavarman VII in late 12th century, in order to dedicate to Buddhism. The visitor will find the way and time to visit Ta Nei after Takeo. You may need to cross through the path and ditch in...
Banteay Kdei

Banteay Kdei – Buddhist temple

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Banteay Kdei Temple is a Buddhist temple in Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia. It is situated east of Angkor Thom and southeast of Ta Prohm. Its name means “The citadel of chambers”. It was built in the mid-12th to early 13th centuries in the reign of King Jayavarman VII....
Terrace of the Leper King

Terrace of the Leper King – The mysterious terrace

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It was built in part by Jayavarman VII and extended by his successor. The wall faces east provide the best lighting for photography before noon. Terrace of the Leper King is located just to the north of the Terrace of the Elephants and is considered a part of the larger Royal...
terrace of the elephants

Terrace of the Elephants – Royal Ceremony Stage

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The Terrace of the Elephants is located in Angkor Thom, once the capital of Khmer Empire. It’s about 350 meter long and 2 meter and half tall. It was utilized as a giant stage for the public ceremonies and served as the base for the king’s grand audience hall. The...
Kulen Mountain

Kulen Mountain

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Kulen Mountain is located at north east of Angkor Complex around 50 Km, it takes about 2 hours drive up to the slope top with 487 meters tallness and level extends 30 km long, it is opened for vacationers in 1999 by private possessed and charged for $20 toll per outside guests....
Phnom Bakheng

Phnom Bakheng

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Phnom Bakheng is a sanctuary mountain to pay tribute to the Hindu god Shiva and one of the most established sanctuaries in the Angkor Archaeological Park. On account of its area on a 60-meter high slope, Phnom Bakheng turned into an exceptionally famous traveler spot for its...
Roluos Group

Roluos Group

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The Roluos Group alludes to a gathering of four Angkor-period landmarks, which are not situated inside the primary Angkor Park, but rather almost a residential area named Roluos, 12km east of Siem Reap. The landmarks are named Bakong, Preah Ko, Lolei, and Prei Monti. The...

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