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    foreign embassies and consulates in cambodia

    Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Cambodia

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    There are 29 foreign embassies and consulates in Cambodia. Here is the list of all available foreign embassies and consulates in Cambodia. Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Cambodia  
    Shopping in Cambodia


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    Shopping in Cambodia Shopping in Cambodia is another best thing to do besides sightseeing. It have been always good bring souvenir, you would need to consider something native or perhaps something you may start a conversation over. Cambodian textile materials and fine silk pieces...
    cambodia weather and climate

    Weather and Climate

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    Veayoleta Travel collects information about Cambodia weather and climate to be an information for visitors before traveling to Cambodia. Cambodia Weather  and Climate Cambodia is a tropical monsoon climate country in South East Asia. With only two distinct seasons: Wet season...
    Cambodia holidays and festivals

    Holidays and Festivals

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    Cambodia has many public holidays and festivals. Here is the list of Cambodia holidays and festivals. 01 January: International New Year’s Day 07 January: Victory Day over genocidal regime 30 January: Meak Bochea Day – is a Buddhist ceremony. It is taken place during the full...
    DOs and DON'Ts in Cambodia

    DOs and DON’Ts in Cambodia

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    DOs and DON’Ts in Cambodia Here are DOs and DON’Ts in Cambodia. You must read this to understand more about Cambodian society. It is very important for you to travel Cambodia. The Cambodia word for hello is ‘Sour Sdey’ and normally you should say it with smile. Sam...
    How to enter Cambodia

    How to enter Cambodia

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    How to enter Cambodia How to enter Cambodia? Entering Cambodia may be made by many methods. Cambodia consists of two international arrival gateways by air, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. There are many selection of land borders with neighborhood Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos...
    Before Traveling to Cambodia

    Before Traveling to Cambodia

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    Before Traveling to Cambodia Here is a tip for visitors before traveling to Cambodia. You must read this carefully by your own attention. What to bring? Travelers should remember to pack, mosquito repellent, sunglasses, sport or closed-toed shoes, and an umbrella if visiting...
    Kratie Colonial Building

    Kratie – Mekong

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    A beguiling, bright little town on the Mekong, Kratie is best known for its dolphins, specifically the Mekong Irrawaddy dolphins. Around 80 of the waning populace of these dolphins make their home off the town of Kampi, 20 kilometers north of Kratie. The twirling waters here are...
    Mondulkiri Elephant valley project


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    Mondulkiri is the largest province in Cambodia. As it is bordered to Rattanakiri, Mondulkiri’s once wild scene has experienced extraordinarily unpredictable logging and different types of improvement, including the making of Chinese and Australian gold mines, in spite of...
    Ratanakiri Province


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    Ratanakiri is located up to the north east of Cambodia bordering Mondulkiri. It has similar feature of natural resources. It is home of indigenous people groups all in all named the Khmer Loeu (“High Khmer”). They have their own way of life, history, and dialects and...
    Steung Treng

    Steung Treng

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    Steung Treng sits on Cambodia’s northern fringe with Laos, at the point where the Mekong River crashes into Cambodia in the wake of whirling around southern Laos’ 4,000 Islands. Initially part of its northern neighbor, it was exchanged to Cambodian ownership by the...
    Kampong Cham

    Kampong Cham

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    A shockingly pretty area, with a few intriguing Angkorian and pre-Angkorian locales, Kampong Cham is regularly seen as a straightforward delay on the way toward the upper east, yet in addition makes for a wonderful, soothing redirection on the off chance that you have a day or...
    Steung Sen River Kampong Thom

    Kampong Thom

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    Since a long time ago viewed as very little more than an a place to break the excursion between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Kampong Thom is starting to pull in the individuals who can perceive its charms as a genuine Cambodian market town and an organizing post for two of the most...
    Kampong Chhnang

    Kampong Chhnang

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    Focal Kampong Chhnang territory is home to Cambodia’s most magnificent and effortlessly open view, while the common capital of a similar name is one of Cambodia’s most pleasant, photogenic and captivating local towns. An insignificant bounce from Phnom Penh, it should...
    Pursat Khleang Muong


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    Named after a tree that used to develop along its riverbanks, the sluggish common capital of PURSAT is basically the core of lowly. Inside Cambodia, it’s well known for the most part to be the country’s primary marble cutting focus, utilizing stone quarried from the...

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