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Here is our Cambodia travel guide. It contains some useful information for you to travel to Cambodia.

Cambodia Travel Guide

Cambodia is a tiny country with a huge and splendid history. It was one of Asia’s empire and most significant ancient civilization. The Khmer empire of Angkor was the peak in Cambodian history with many mega constructions of temples and monuments which provided a touchstone of Cambodian national identity. Those heritages are the main reason to attract millions of visitors every year. There are still many untouristed and unexplored place in the whole country.

Cambodia towns and cities are remained with colonial architecture and old fashion beauty. The countryside is the aspect of view to visit for your memory as well. Mekong River and Tonle Sap lake are the main waterway natural resources. Ratankiri, Mondulkiri and the Cardamon Mountains are the northern highlands with natural beauty of the forest. Down to the south, in contrast, there is a coastline bordering to Golf of Thailand. Sihanoukville is the main city there.

Cambodia is located by the west and the east of two more populous neighbors, Vietnam and Thailand. The provinces are mostly countryside offer a refreshing throwback to an old and simple era, with beautiful wooden houses set amid a patchwork of rice paddies and sugar palms. However, the standard of living is still lower than other country in the region. Despite that, Cambodian people are still one of the most welcoming and friendly people in Asia.

The cause the attract visitor to visit Cambodia might be because of the warm hospitality. Unfortunately, this country used to have tragedy in the past many times after Khmer Empire. Khmer Rouge regime was on the most tragic event in the history. The delusional leaders came to power and killed their own people. Pol Pot was the leader. The fatality was about two millions or more. It was calculated as 20 percent of the population. Unsurprisingly, this emotional scars from this period still remain deeply and through every Cambodian society.


Cambodian currency is called the Riel (KHR). The exchange rate is around 4,000 to US$1. US cash is commonly used for purchases, though change may be given in Riel. Riel is a Nonconvertible currency, once you have left Cambodia it not useful anymore. International banks will not accept or exchange it. Most ATMs dispense both USD and Riel.


Cambodia is one of the poorest nations on earth, yet it remains a quite safe place. Small theft is a problem, particularly the snatch and grab variety, but violent crime is commonly rare. Always keep your wits about you. Drinking 15 beers and walking home at 3am probably is not safe in your home country either.


Public transport is relatively comprehensive and inexpensive. Driving standards are woeful though and seat belts are close to non-existent. Motorcycle taxis (known as motos) are a very common way to get around — always wear a helmet.


You will need a visa for Cambodia. See our Cambodian visa page for details.


There are two seasons — the dry season and the wet season. You will find Cambodia to be very hot and sweaty if you live outside the tropics. For detailed weather info, see our Cambodia weather and climate page.

Cambodia is a wonderful country

Cambodia is a fascinating destination. It is more challenging than a week on the beach in Fiji — but it is a lot more interesting too. Take it easy, see more than just Angkor, and you may find yourself back again before you know it.

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Cambodia Travel Guide

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